IMG_9470_2Snider pickups come standard with Snider Guitars. I am beginning to offer them individually on a limited basis as well, due to popular demand. Each one is wound by hand, by me. The tone is classic and vintage, yet unique, as they aren’t clones of specific pickups. Rather than describing them with flowery adjectives, I suggest you hear them for yourself. I use the highest quality materials available, from various Alnico magnets to plain enamel and Formvar wire.

I test each Snider pickup in my testbed guitar, affectionately named Testbot 5000XJP9472.3 (Patent Pending). As you can see below, Testbot makes it easy to install and move various pickups mounted in acrylic templates. Testbot is also able to switch between a 250k and 500k circuit, as well as toggle between different capacitors.

Snider pickups are available with traditional plastic covers, or with custom wooden covers at extra charge. Soapbar and humbucker covers are milled from solid pieces of wood, while S-style pickups are veneered. Most any species of wood can be used. Covers come with a satin, hand-rubbed oil finish.